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Wholeheartedly, a beer from Stuttgart: Dinkelacker!

A great Cannstatt Festival at the Cannstatt Fairground needs a great beer, brewed to the highest standards regarding quality and freshness, using the best ingredients, taking the greatest care in the process … and with love for the art of brewing. This has characterised our cooperation of many years with Dinkelacker.

Dinkelacker and the Stuttgart region belong together like hops and malt – and not only because the brewery site is located in the centre of Stuttgart city. Dinkelacker has always had close identification with the region and respect for traditional brewing methods at heart. The result is in the taste: 100 percent regional ingredients – from the brewer’s barley to the water – give the nine Dinkelacker beers their authentic taste of the homeland and make them some of the most popular in the region. Dinkelacker demonstrates its close ties with Stuttgart and the region in its great commitment to the area.