Conditions of entry …

Opening times

The Klauss & Klauss Dinkelacker tent is open from sunday to thursday, from 11.00 hrs to 23.00 hrs, on fridays, saturdays and bevore a holiday from 11.00 hrs to 23.30 hrs.

Conditions of entry

Please note that you are not allowed to bring animals to the fairground. An exception is made for guide dogs, which are allowed without restriction during the period of the “Cannstatt Festival” and the “Stuttgart Spring Festival”

Article 1 Designated purpose

In autumn and spring the Cannstatt Wasen is used for the public events of the “Cannstatt Festival” and the “Stuttgart Spring Festival”. It is open to the public within the scope of its designated purpose and the stipulations mentioned hereafter.

Article 2 Stay/Use

Use of the fairground is at one’s own risk. The organizer does not assume any liability. On entering the fairground you will be deemed to have accepted these conditions of entry. From 1:30am to 6am unauthorized persons are forbidden to stay on the fairground.

Article 3 Legal protection for children and young persons

Children under the age of 6 years may not stay in the beer and wine tents after 8pm, even if they are accompanied by their legal guardians. Children under the age of 14 years may only stay on the fairground after 8pm if they are accompanied by their legal guardians. Young persons under the age of 16 years may only stay on the fairground after 10pm if they are accompanied by their legal guardians.

Article 4 Conduct on the fairground

1.1 On the fairground every person has to behave in such a way that others are not harmed, put at risk or – more than unavoidable under the circumstances – impeded or disturbed. Construction systems, system components and other facilities may only be used in accordance with their purpose and may not be damaged.

1.2 The instructions of the security services must be obeyed.

1.3 All access roads and exits of the fairground as well as the emergency routes must be kept free.

2. Visitors to the fairground are specifically forbidden:

2.1 To bring about, use or keep ready for use or to distribute weapons as well as other objects and substances which by their nature are objectively dangerous or which are suitable or which are intended for the injury of persons or the damage of objects. This especially includes irritant gas sprayers, batons, bats, thrust weapons and firearms, stun guns, vitriolic and coloring liquids, baseball bats and similar pieces of sports equipment as well as bulky objects and flags.

2.2 To bring bottles, tumblers, jugs or cans which are made of fragile or hard material to the fairground.

2.3 To start a fire and to bring or set off pyrotechnical articles like flares, skyrockets or other fireworks.

2.4 To bring animals. Guide dogs may be brought without restrictions.

2.5 To defecate outside the toilets.

2.6 To damage, inscribe, paint on, stick on or otherwise disfigure construction systems, facilities or ways.

2.7 To climb on or over constructional systems or system components, especially facades, fences, walls and other boundaries, barriers, lighting equipment, trees, pylons, roofs as well as tents and their constructions.

2.8 To enter areas not permitted to visitors, like the caravan area, storage areas behind the festival enterprises etc.

2.9 To bring in beverages of any kind.

2.10 The sale of goods of any kind, the distribution of food and beverages, the offering of commercial services, the distribution of advertising material and other objects, the acquisition of orders and the arrangement of amusements outside the assigned stand areas and without official permit is forbidden. The ban also applies to non-commercial performances and services.

2.11 To offer goods for sale while walking around, to distribute advertising material of any kind or other objects, begging and hawking as well as musical and artistic performances (outside the assigned areas).

2.12 To bring to the fairground gas-filled balloons and similar objects with a metal-coated surface.

Article 5 Violation/damage

Visitors who violate these conditions of entry may be removed from the fairground. In the case of gross or repeated violations they will be excluded from visiting the fairground for the period of this event and of future events. Any person culpably causing damage will be held liable. Violations may be prosecuted.

Article 6 Entry into force

These conditions of entry will come into force on the day after their publication.